EDC Fast Facts 12 – Vertical Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Vertical geo-exchange systems leverage the ground temperature of the earth to provide heating and cooling.

In the winter, the earth acts as a heat source to provide heating and in the summer, the earth acts as a heat sink to provide cooling. 

In a direct exchange system, the heat transfer fluid runs through a pipe buried underground and exchanges heat with the ground. In a vertical system, the piping is configured vertically in deep bores. These bores allow the geo-field to transfer heat with ground that is far removed from the effects of the atmosphere, unlike a horizontal geo-field which has shallow ground temperatures that fluctuate throughout the year. A properly designed vertical bore geo-field should achieve mostly consistent temperatures throughout the year. The heating and cooling loads must be balanced on an annual basis for continued optimization.

Fast Facts 12 Vertical Ground Source Heat Pumps
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