The Future Of Buildings Post Covid.

How will apartment living and design change in the wake of Covid-19?

Each sector in construction is facing its challenges with Covid-19, and apartment living is no different. With the high number of people passing through shared areas and facilities, how will design and construction change to facilitate the flow of people while ensuring a safe and virus free environment?

We see apartment living requiring automation wherever possible to mitigate contagion. Touchless technology is at the top of this list with automatic doors, retina or voice-activated elevators, cellphone-controlled apartment entry, hands-free sensor light switches and temperature controls.

These are just a few of the technologies we will see incorporated as the norm in new-builds and refurbishments. The installation of ventilation systems that allow for the removal of potentially contaminated air from any given area within a buildings common spaces and an ability to make a room within an apartment more flexible to increase user options such as easily converting from a bedroom to an office space (additional access to plug and wiring as an example).

This short video below covers how we see buildings changing as a result of Covid-19.


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