We Are Progressive

We are Industry Innovators. Not content with keeping up with other Engineering Consultancies, we aim to stay two steps ahead. This means that your project will be driven by forward thinking experts using advanced technology solutions.

We Are Dynamic

We believe that in engineering, you must be ready to change and adapt. We ensure that our team is capable of working on a range of projects, and we are excited my new and intriguing engineering challenges.

We Are Collaborative

We see you as a partner, not as a client. It is our mission to ensure that you feel included in and satisfied with every step of the process. We work in close partnership with you ensure your vision is realised to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

We are Proactive

At EDC, we make things happen. As forward-thinking engineering consultants we plan ahead for all eventualities on your project, fostering a culture of creativity and readiness. This means we are always prepared for change and improvement.

We Are Ambitious

We are ambitious, not just as a company, but also for our employees and for our clients. We want to see our employees continue to grow and develop in their expert field so that we can aim for the best with our clients.