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Lagos, Nigeria



The Famfa office development is a 20 storey tower consisting of multi-tenancy office floors, car parking levels, high-end VIP office levels, and two conference centres.

 The project design has been rewarding due to the challenging nature of designing a large-scale building with multi-use areas and planning for a long construction period of 4+ years.

EDC are providing the full MEP design BIM and BREEAM services for this prestigious project. The office areas have been designed to fit-out stage; however, the MEP design has incorporated flexibility to allow future tenants to adjust services to fit their floor plans.

EDC have been using Virtual Reality (VR) to help us effectively develop complex MEP designs and to help our client realise there project in a virtual world.

As part of this development we required a solution which could be used by anyone with inexpensive hardware and something which could be used on our African projects with relative ease.

YouTube is the world’s second largest repository of information after Google and with the advances in VR EDC has been able to utilise YouTube as an internet based platform, to enable global client reach. This made the use of 360 YouTube videos the perfect platform to share our VR designs with our clients  in Africa.

Our Nigerian partners are some of the most BIM  enabled clients we are currently engaged with.

We chose to use 360 YouTube videos with a $5 Google Cardboard and a low cost smartphone. With these inexpensive pieces of hardware we can provide a virtual experience to be accessible regardless of location.


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