EDC Fast Facts 13 – Steel Conduit Protection.

Steel galvanised conduits are used to protect sheathed cables without a metal screen or armouring within walls and partition from mechanical stresses stress, e.g. by impact, penetration or compression of external objects.

Metal electric conduit is able to withstand impacts and other damage which therefore makes it well suited for use in the industrial and commercial sectors. In addition to this, these conduits have high loadbearing capacities. 

Conduit systems shall comply with the I.S. EN 61386 series and I.S 10101 National Rules for Electric Installations (Edition 5.0). 

Table 52.1 in  I.S 10101 outlines the requirements on installation and erection of wiring systems that need to be met. if these are not met then cabling shall be run within steel galvanised conduits within walls.

EDC Fast Facts 13 - Steel Conduit Protection.