EDC Fast Facts 15: Smoke Environmental Shaft Systems.

Temperature control is required due to the drive for energy efficiency within buildings which has led to a very good sealing and insulating of residential buildings. The consequence of this is the increased overheating in stair lobbies, corridors and entrance halls which results in unpleasant conditions for residents and issues maintaining cold water supplies.

The smoke environmental shaft is a combined system used to clear smoke within the common areas escape routes to the open air in the event of a fire and, in normal use regulates the temperature within the common corridor, lobbies and stairwells of a building to ensure these do not overheat.

What is needed?

  • 0.6m2 Shaft
  • 0.8m2 damper
  • Run and stand by fan
  • 1.0m2 stair vent (AOV)
  • Control system (temp stats, rain sensor)
  • Standby generator
  • Fire-rated cabling
EDC Fast Facts 15: Smoke Environmental Shaft Systems.


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