EDC Fast Facts 17: Waste Water Heat Transfer Systems.

Wastewater heat transfer is one of the fastest-growing energy-efficient systems for residential buildings in the UK.

Energy exchange within each building’s water supply and drainage system is an example of leveraging multiple uses from a single installation of infrastructure.

In the simplest terms a system or technology that uses the heat from the wastewater (showers, baths, sink, washing machines etc.) to preheat the incoming cold water that refills the system.

Therefore, less energy is used to heat that water to the required temperature.

For larger residential developments there isn’t a 1-size-fits-all solution, but by consulting with your MEP provider, the appropriate system can achieve heat recovery efficiencies upwards of 50% with costs of £500-£1000 per apartment. Payback is typically seen within 2-4.5 years. Although, each project will require an individual study and energy analysis to accurately detail costs and energy savings in line with project specifics (occupancy, design, mechanical systems)”

As an additional benefit, drain water heat recovery devices showed efficiencies of over 50% were found to be obtainable in recovering waste heat as well as having the potential to reduce energy use and CO2 emission.

The implementation of this technology on a national level was shown to have the potential to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions significantly.


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