EDC Fast Facts 2: DALI Lighting Control System

DALI is a digital lighting control protocol that provides a smart lighting control technology & aims for flexibility, energy efficiency and central management. It uses intelligent dimming methods to reduce electricity cost and carbon emission.

DALI Lighting is a control system that allows you full control of the lighting system within a building. 

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface – what this means is that you have a single connection where you can manage all light sources.

Conforming to the IEC 62386 standard the DALI-2 systems are very flexible and functional and can be automated to provide efficient energy savings.

An additional benefit is that DALI lighting control systems, when used with computers and software, can transmit critical information about faults and failures which lowers maintenance costs.

Research carried out by Pacific Northwest National Library states that “shutting off a portion of a building’s lighting during peak demand loads, can save up to 5-15% of energy.”


Erdi Eski

Electrical Engineer Cork Office

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