It can be difficult to collaborate and coordinate efficiently with external stakeholders. Large amounts of time can be taken up with just managing, uploading and efficiently sharing drawings with huge file sizes (that cannot be sent via email). 

Cloud-based work-sharing (multiple users on a single file) for Revit has been around for some time but has perhaps been the luxury of larger-scale projects, with current times as they are this technology has become a necessity for Revit users working remotely to collaborate projects

BIM 360 Design is Autodesks solution to meet this need and unlike its predecessor C4R, it goes a little further to meet the requirements of not just the Revit user but all team members by utilizing a web interface, not unlike other  Common Data  Environments.

Most importantly, all team members can always be working on the latest file. This ensures that re-work is minimised due to working on old files and speeds up the process of coordination. The focus then is on the most important aspect of the project - project design.

EDC Fast Facts 7 - BIM360 Design
Brendan Oleary

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