Irish Construction Excellence Awards Finalist 2023

We are delighted to see our entry for the North City Operations Depot (NCOD) was shortlisted in the Engineering Design Innovation Category. The Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards) are the original and premier recognition of performance excellence for the contracting sector in Ireland.

Great teamwork and clear communication and collaboration with the wider design team and our client have been key to North City Operation’s Depot’s Successful Development and shortlisting for the category of Engineering Design Innovation.

Decisions that EDC made throughout the design process for the Mechanical and Electrical systems focused on the key principles of ensuring whatever we designed improved the performance of the project as a whole and also contributed to positive outcomes not only for our clients and the surrounding community but also ensuring in the long-term that there is a positive impact on the long-term health of our cities and the environment.

In addition to the staff-only depot facility one of the key additions with development is a new civic amenity recycling centre which is open to public access and will facilitate the recycling of all the normal dry recyclables which in turn assists with achieving the Government’s waste action plan for a circular economy roadmap.

With this development, we ensured that sustainable design was at the forefront of all decisions ensuring that not only was the building’s design robust, but it is also affordable to run and maintain, simple in its ease of use, comfortable and designed for the lifetime of the user. The facilities designed and delivered provide the highest quality facilities possible allowing the end user to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively. EDC has also been cognizant to include COVID mitigation measures for the client and end-user in the HVAC Design and M&E Systems. These include the use of Hepa filtration, UV filtration, high air change rates, hard ducted return air plenums, door hold open devices.

With the creation of this centralised depot, it allows the release of the 16 existing depot land sites to be re-used for more appropriate functions such as the provision of approximately 750 social housing units which will assist in the Government’s new housing goal of 30,000 new houses per year and assists in developing the infrastructure of Ballymun and the surrounding communities.

The North City Operation Depot will benefit from 800 workers from the surrounding areas, it provides a civic recycling centre to accommodate the growing population and has transformed what was a piece of land used as a dumping ground into an Energy Efficient, low-energy public facility which has been designed to ensure future climate and people needs are at the forefront of the design.


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